How to care

How to clean and care for your Soyuz Handpan.

The first thing to know is that handpans are built with carbon steels (except those that are made of stainless steel)

The steel of the handpans is heat treated well by gas nitriding or ionic plasma and subsequently treated with an oxidation treatment. But even so they are susceptible to rust.

It is very easy to oxidize if you live near the sea due to the amount of moisture and the saline environment. If this is your case, I recommend that you do not store your handpan in a case after touching it without having cleaned it with oil and a cloth.

There are many types of oils and anticorrosive products that you can use to clean your handpan and in my workshop I use a known brand of anticorrosive oil, basically because it is more comfortable for me. But when the handpan is finished and for daily use I use a type of natural oil. (coconut, olive., almond olive) … and occasionally once every two or three months I give it with an anti-corrosive chemical type UV40 or 3 in 1.

Remember that what you are reading is an opinion of someone working every day with steel and with these methods I get very good results. I speak from experience.

There are many brands of specific oils for handpans but I don’t use them.

When the handpan is out of the case it is not good to rest it on the table, the floor or on hard surfaces, these can attract the metal of your handpan and many of those marks remain so as not to leave.

I hope you found this information useful and that you take care of your Soyuz Handpan for many years.