This journey started around the year 2008, when walking through the streets of Granada I saw someone playing this completely unknown, alien-like instrument to me. It was a Handpan.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!!! It sounded like something fresh, something new, something completely different to anything I have ever heard. From that day on my life took a 360º turn and I decided I wanted to be one of those people who were able to play that wonderful instrument.

But the real surprise came to me when I found out that there were only 2 people in the entire planet who were able to make handpans and that obviously, with that many orders and demand, it’d be practically impossible for me to get access to the instrument anytime soon. The wait was almost endless, since it was three years of dreaming almost every night with them until I managed to get my hands on my first handpan. I learned to play it very quickly as the wait was so long that now I needed to make up for all the lost time.

For many years I played the handpan on the streets, gave out concerts and private performances. After a few years of playing, I started to think about the idea of making these instruments that have taught me so much, but I could’ve never imagined that the process behind it could be so complex and meticulous. There was nobody I could come up to for any help or assistance to make these. With time I started contacting the few manufacturers out there, and I would’ve travelled anywhere in order for me to learn how to create such a divine thing… but the only thing I could find in front of me were more and more locked doors.

Over time I got to know people with the same concerns and we were helping each other in this new adventure. I made great friends, and in reality this chapter is much longer, but I have decided to focus only and what adds up and the good part of this chapter, since nothing comes without hardships.

I currently reside in Girona and I have my workshop at a beautiful place where I spend most of my time, shaping the Soyuz Handpans which to me is a dream come true.

Soyuz Handpans