In this post I will tell you about the beautiful experience I had in the OT tv show. OT (American Idol/Fame Academy Spanish Version).

It was a cold but productive morning. I was working like almost every day making my Soyuz Handpans instruments when my phone rang. She was the head of human resources for OT. She wanted my handpans to be present on the tv show. en la fabricación de mis instrumentos  
It was very exciting, since it would be the first time that someone with a handpan went to that well-known tv show... the first time... So the idea obviously made me very excited. I have to thank Laura Andrés, the piano teacher at the OT academy, it was thanks to her that I was able to have this incredible adventure. Thanks you so much Laura!!!! ...  
I had to attend the show with 10 Soyuz handpans, one for each contestant and one for myself. Having 10 Soyuz Handpans built and reserved for that day was very complicated for me because normally I do not have any instrument in stock due to the high demand I have and on the other hand I like to work from the first moment in contact with the person who is going to buy the Handpan.
I managed to collect 10 instruments and attend the program.
To be continued.........