We are so glad to share with you the project we were slowly cooking during the last half year…
This is just the result of a good energy between 3 spanish handpan makers ( Elies Miralpeix from Arran, Aitor from Mercury and I from sOyuz), the result of sharing knowledge and good life moments, the idea of producing our own deep drawn shells to find the sound we want for our creations… in the end, the result of the passion we feel for this magical instrument.
After much effort and several attempts, the Batch#1 of DOMO SHELLS 53cm is on the way! Still a lot of work, improves and investment left, but we have good feelings about it and we know we are in the good path. This is just the beginning of a very long but exciting journey ?
We’ll share more soon… If you want to know more about our shells and project, just write us!
Thanks everyone for your support and good energy. The hammering must go on! ??