Course Maker

Do you want to make your own manuals and do not know where to start?

In our workshop you will be able to manufacture them in a fun and entertaining way.

You will learn to:

Use the press.
Know measurements of the notes.
Configure the scale you choose.
Make the dimples.
Marking of notes.
Use suitable pneumatic hammers.
Stress the structure.
Thermal treatments.
Release the menbrana of the note.
Configure fundamental and its harmonics.
Sticking and drying the instrument.
Fine tuning.



We are currently working together with other makers in the development of our own deep drawing mold. In a few weeks we will offer the sale of shells.Material that we will have:

Shells of 530mm diameter.

Height: 130mm

Flange width: 0.9mm

Top shells and bottom shells

Type of material:

DC 04 and stainless steel 1 and 1.2mm