The first time I saw a manual in my life was something magical. Today I can share that magic with other people by building the sound sculptures “sOyuz handpan”.

The characteristic of the sound sensation of surround sound is due to the fact that each note is tuned with its corresponding harmonics, normally 5th and 8th above the fundamental note.

Currently the measurement of my instruments is 53 centimeters in diameter,

sOyuz handpan is a project that is carried out with a lot of love, respect and professionalism surpassing the quality in each instrument.

Usually most people ask me scales of 8 or 9 notes, although I can now put some more in the bottom of the instrument, thus complementing the climb.

The sOyuz made them in steel. Nitrided or stainless steel.

I currently have a waiting list to purchase a new version.

sOyuz friends, gratitude…

Felipe, Asturias, Spain:

Ramón’s treatment was extraordinary, willing to show, try and give all kinds of explanations when choosing my sOyuz. The handpan sOyuz visually is gorgeous, is magnificently built and, most importantly, sounds beautiful. From the first moment the sOyuz makes you feel and enjoy the magic of this instrument. Thank you very much for everything Ramón.

Neus, Francia:

Very grateful to be able to enjoy a sOyuz handpan. Touching it is like meditating and being in other dimensions. Without knowing anything about music there are precious melodies. Great craftsmen and very kind.

Eva, Barcelona, Spain:

How to explain with words when you feel love?
You can not … it’s a feeling,
They say that when you tattoo is an unforgettable day … yesterday was my unforgettable day because I could once again feel love for music …
The most important day of my life with my hang !!!
I had the great luck of being at a festival playing and feeling the different sounds of them! And fell in my hands yours, Ramón, love, the moment I knew it was what I wanted, and I did not stop until I had it,
Thanks Thank you For thanks to you I can feel and sound like “magical traveler”, it is for me an honor and a pride to be able to learn with your hang! Thank you for your dedication and for your explanatory ease how to play, with your humility to give me notions of how to do it, send me at home and enjoy your professionalism, for the perfect sea …
Few professionals as dedicated as you!
What safety do I have with your words of encouragement to start in this magical world,
I am very excited and I will practice every day to enjoy your hang ..
Now you hang this tattooed on my being …
Thanks for everything !!
Let’s make music for a better world !!!

Jordy, Girona, Spain:

Impeccable treatment and hospitality, both professionally and personally.
I have lived it as a gift of life, for my invaluable, because until recently I saw this instrument inaccessible to me, yet I felt a connection difficult to explain. Being able to get closer to me and get to know more closely the manufacturing process, tuning, “healing” and having the opportunity to touch it for me was incredible. The first time I played it, I had a mixture of fear and respect, the perfect mix, percussion and melody fused. In my humble opinion the Soyuz handpans are a work of craftsmanship thrown to consciousness with an excellent sound and quality, 100% recommended.
Endless thank you Ramón! A hug!!!

Gonzalo Delmar, Portugal:

As an amateur musician I begun to be hypnotized by handpan sound in the end of 2017. With this discover, I also realized that having one of this instruments was almost impossible. That´s ended when I met Ramon Sejo and sOyuz instruments. I began a friendship almost instantly. Ramon is a very kind person, simple and makes things very easy. Now I have 2 sOyuz sculptures. I have pictures, videos and hours of good conversations and experiences with Ramon (thanks to his patience). Now…what I can say about the sculptures…..they are awesome…a top notch instrument hand made by one of the best. I don´t regret even I little!!!!! Thanks Ramon

Manel Sunyata, Barcelona (afinando mi bells)

Yesterday I visited Ramon in his nice house near Girona to try to refine my Bells of 2013, Ramon looked at him he tried it a bit and went to look for his Tablet and tuning tools … he began to hammer it with the hammers checking note note his status and … little by little the Bells began to recover its original tuning and brightness !!! Xdios thank you for bringing it back to life, I’m super happy now it sounds top notch

Then I was testing the models of Hang that it makes and I was very surprised of the great work that it has developed, the sound is of a lot of quality and the super resistant metal !;

Recommended 100%, A Strong Hug! ,